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Welcome! Here you can find practical information and curiosities about different places. As a tourguide my goal is to help you enjoy your next destination and bring you closer to the local culture through the eyes of those who live there every day.

Lisbon is a city that must be discovered slowly, just like its lifestyle. Between large and small churches, colorful tiles and warm Pastel de Nata, this city that seems so simple has a very rich history and culture that you only discover if you give it the right time.

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Exploring Lisbon

Exploring Venice

Have you ever wanted to visit Venice like Katharine Hepburn?

Stroll through enchanted water canals that reflect the colors of historic buildings everywhere. Let yourself be inspired by art.

Open your eyes to the variety of foods and wines.

It's not a dream, but the reality of this city.

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Amsterdam is a historical and vibrant city with culture, different districts, and a lot of bicycles. Do you know that there are more bicycles than inhabitants?

There are many things to see and do in Amsterdam, like the beautiful houses facing the canals, eat apple pie, and go on a canal tour.

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Exploring Amsterdam

I believe that we can find the biggest treasures in the smallest details

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