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Maria Paola is a Tour Guide specialising in art, architecture and food.

Born and raised in Northern Italy, she grew up in the Prosecco hills of Veneto, located in the North-East of the country. She obtained a Master's degree in Art History in Venice. Thinking about her story, she was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by so much beauty and she doesn't want to keep all this to herself but share it, which is why she decided to create this website. She deeply believes that sharing beauty can help people feel better. Along with her studies she had numerous professional experiences that enriched her professionally and personally, one in particular, an internship in the place of her dreams, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. It was a few but very intense months that opened her up to the whole world, both because she had colleagues from all over the world, and because she understood how people get rich through art and how they appreciate if there is someone who helps them to discover it.

It is here that she understood what she wanted to do in his life: help people approach art, culture and open their eyes. And so her dream of becoming a Tour Guide was born.

Having said that, she always likes to broaden her horizons so she realized that in addition to making people understand art, she loves explaining cities, their stories, architecture, hidden gems and traditions.

After the pandemic she realized a dream, becoming a Tour Guide in Venice. She greeted people at the airport and gave them the first welcome to their dream holiday, she took them to taste the goodness of Venetian food and wine while talking about the city and answering the group's curiosities. She enriched them by making them discover Venice as a local who lives the city every day and they enriched her life with their stories and their smiles. Tireless and eager to broaden her horizons, in 2023 she left Venice to become a tour guide in Amsterdam and then in Lisbon, two beautiful and stimulating experiences during which she got to know two new cities in detail.

She is currently back in Venice, exploring and enjoying the city. Feel free to contact her if you would like to explore with her or have questions about the cities where she lived. 

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